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The Tree of Life


This is my realization of a dream had by Lehi, a powerful prophet of God from ‘The Book of Mormon’. He saw a large open field. In this field he could see a large tree that was white. The tree had beautiful fruit. He walked up to the tree and partook of the fruit. It tasted wonderful to him so he wanted his family to also taste it. He looked and saw his mother and his sons and invited them to come enjoy the fruit with him. He looked for other sons who were a great distance away. When he invited these sons they refused. There are other items in this picture to help us understand this dream. There was a rod of iron leading to the tree. This rod of iron traveled a mist of darkness before it got to the tree. When he looked around he could see there was a river between the tree and a great and spacious building. When his prayer was completed, God revealed the meaning of the items in the dream. He began to understand that the Tree of Life providing fruit that brought them into the presence of God. The rod of iron was the word of God bringing people to the Tree of Life. Many people were trying to enter the great and spacious building, which represents the cares of the world and the physical desire. It makes it more difficult to choose which one to follow; the path of Satan or the plan of our Heavenly Father. Look at my blog for a full description.