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Terms & Conditions

Return Policy

If you are unhappy with our product, please ship it back and we will refund you purchase price plus $30.00 for any inconvenience.  If you desire another item in our product line as a fair value replacement rather than refund, we will ship the new product at our cost.  If the product you want as replacement we refund or provide an invoice for the difference.  We have an extremely low return rate.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our return policy is a 100% satisfaction guaranteed.  Many companies at the present, put up lip service, but we know that even though the art community is large, bad news travels fast and is slow to forgive.  I have managed or owned an engineering firm for many years prior to a massive stroke. This extended time in the hospital has given me an eternal prospect that is very valuable.  The other thing about our work is we love it and will not tolerate valued clients and friends being dissatisfied.